Infinite Wishes Foundation was inspired by Joan and the brave battle she fought during her illness. We continue to find inspiration in each and every person we serve. Heroes come in many forms and we stand in "awe" of their strength, determination and attitude in the face of adversity. Greg Robinson, SGM, is the first ever amputee to complete grueling Army Air Assault School after losing his leg in Afghanistan in 2006.


We are honored to have him as the first recipient of our Infinite Heroes "Gratitude Tour". Greg Robinson, a Purple Heart decorated, active-duty Sergeant Major in the United States Army, was our inspiration and he has joined us as the Assistant Director of our Infinite Heroes program.

Nicholas Smith, SFC (RET) was our second recipient and also served on a tour of duty with Greg. Nick was wounded twice and has received two Purple Heart decorations. Nick also joined us in 2018 as Assistant Director of our Infinite Heroes program.

The mission of Infinite Heroes is to provide respite trips (“Gratitude Tours”) to active duty military and veterans that have been combat-wounded and are permanently disabled, and/or mobility impaired, or have a service related life-threatening illness. In addition, through our “Giving Thanks” program, we deliver 1,000 gift bags to Veterans Nursing Homes annually during the Thanksgiving holiday.

In 2020, COVID-19 has restricted our gift bag program this year to the nursing homes. We are working on temporary replacement programs that help our military and veterans. One of our current programs collects snacks for military that are on extended deployment due to the pandemic. The snacks are delivered to Support Our Troops in Tampa, Florida, and Blue Star Mothers in Dayton, Ohio. 

Our expansion program, Infinite Hope, assists veteran organizations that help homeless veterans. We set up collections in local businesses to collect canned goods, snacks, non-perishable foods, personal hygiene supplies and other items to donate to Veterans Helping Veterans in Ocala, Florida, a nonprofit veteran organization that offers assistance to the homeless veteran population in North Central Florida.